Monday, 16 January 2017

Planner girl collective -- quotes

Planner Girl Collective - Quotes - Jo Whight

Where oh where to start with this particular subject.  Inspirational quotes are fabulous for getting ourselves through the year, for focusing on all the positives no matter how small and making them bigger in our minds than the negatives that will bring us down.

They encourage us to focus on our goals and achievements in order to be the best we can be...

Now my favourite reality quote is;

 `shit happens and then we die`

However, with the best will in the world this cannot be described as inspirational but it is important and it is there for when all else fails.

Another important quote and my absolute favourite was from Albus Dumbledore;

`Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to switch on the light`

Inspirational quotes however, are about switching on the light bulb.

Last year I had an Inkwell Press planner and each monthly divider had a quote on.  It was really helpful to see these on a daily basis.  Because they were pre-chosen some of them were new to me and were definitely thought provoking.  However, this year I am using my own homemade planner sheets and a bit of inspiration from the bullet journallers.

Therefore, I am on the search for inspirational quotes that can be used in my planner.  Pinterest and Google are a huge source of quotes.  I really like those that are motivational because it is so easy sometimes to just let things go.

`Life begins at the end of your comfort zone`,
`Strive for progress not perfection`.

or, those that remind me to care for myself

`Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can`,
`A strong person is not the person who does not cry.  A strong person is the one who cries and sheds tears for a moment; then gets up and fights again`.

or, ones that remind me to care for others

`One kind word can make another persons day,
Hope is stronger than fear`,
`Laughter is the sun that drives the winter from peoples faces`.

Looking through inspirational quotes and picking out our favourites really tell us where we are in life.  Not only are they motivational but they are also reflective.  The quotes I pick today may be very different to those I pick next week.  Why not try this exercise yourself and see what you can learn.

hope you all have a fabulous week

Jo x

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Monday, 9 January 2017

Planner Girls Collective - 2016 Overview

Planner Girls Collective - 2016 Overview & 2017 set up

Planner Girls Collective - 2016 Overview & 2017 set up - Jo Whight

Who are the Planner Girls Collective (PGC)?  Remember Confessions of a Plannerholic?  Well, we are the same group with a few new additions, a new name and some exciting new topics for the new year.

2016 was not the best year in my life but started well with my combination of Filofax and IWP A5 inserts.

The IWP inserts were great, the paper quality was good and there was a lot of provision for Goal Setting..the only downside was that they were available in the horizontal format only.  I had previously been using the `personal planner UK` in the vertical layout so moving horizontal was a real challenge.


However, the looser style lent itself really well to planner decoration and as most of you know I am primarily a stamper not a sticker person.  Half way through the year I wanted more structure so used a pen or thin washi to create a break half way across the page.  In this example I have used a stamp to add a faux washi line.  This gave the layout more of a boxy feel.  Think vertical layout running across the page,


By October/November I knew I was not going to be buying these inserts again mainly due to the cost which had increased, the exchange rate, and the shipping fees.  In addition this years inserts had a vertical stripe running through the middle of the horizontal boxes in the colour choice of the month. I really could not justify the expense on inserts so I decided to make my own.

Being an older planner I am a bit IT challenged but I came up with what I would describe as a quarter layout.  It took a while to get used too but was good for decorating purposes.  However, it did not lend itself well to sub-division.  It did however, really maximise available space.



I persevered with this layout until the end of the year in an attempt to get comfortable with it for 2017.

When I first started with IWP I was not too sure about the goal setting but actually it worked really well because despite my world being turned upside down in June with my hubs being off long term sick I still managed to achieve about 90% of my goals. Being able to reflect on these goals has been a really positive experience because I actually achieved more than I would have thought.  Previously I would have been quite negative about the year but seeing what I actually achieved in the face of adversity was great.


As I am setting up for this year I stole a few ideas from the BuJo community to make my own Goal setting pages.  However, I am still looking for away to document the achievements of 2016.  It seems strange not to move in to a prepared planner but this year my planner will be more organic and develop on a week by week basis.  It will be interesting to see how it grows

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Planner Stamping - Queen of Hearts

Planner Stamping - Queen of Hearts


Planner Stamping - Jo Whight - Queen of Hearts

Carrying on the Alice in Wonderland theme I have used the Queen of Hearts from Polkadoodles.
I am really loving these images, they are not too complex.  I find the less detailed stamps work better in my planner because of their small size as it makes them easier to colour and of course you can always add more detail if you wish with shading and/or a Micron pen.

The queen has been printed on to sticker paper, coloured with alcohol markers fussy cut and applied to a pre-inked backround.  This background was sponged with the versa magic ink that is so popular with planner stampers and it just gives a nice grounding to the image.

stamping-planner-queen of hearts-wonderland

I have finally used some Alice inspired Washi tape that I have had kicking around for some time.  The black, red and white colour that was too harsh for the previous spreads works really well here.  The faux heart washi down the centre was stamped with brilliance ink in two shades of red, one of which was flecked with gold.  I masked the stamping area with post its and used the heart fill design from the  Studio L2e `List It` set randomly to create this pattern.  Those fill designs are really versatile and  often pop up in my spreads.  don`t forget though they are easy to smudge and the ink needs a good while to dry or, of course you could use a heat gun.


I recently aquired some `Love Cynthia` stamps and I have used a peeking girl here to add a little more to the spread...I wish I given her a white apron to go with the `Alice` theme.

joanna`s-planner-queen of hearts-stamping

Functional stamps this week are from Studio L2e, the tall and skinny alphabet is so verstaile and it is on sale at the moment.  In fact my fingers just slipped and I may have just placed a new order lol .  Fabulous special order stamps from Tiny Stamps Big Plans (check out the group on facebook for personal orders).  Lawn Fawn and Sweet Stamp Shop are also used.

Planning of late has been a little haphazard due to life events...Life has a nasty habit of jumping up and biting you on the nose when you least expect it.

Hoping you are all having a fabulous week
Jo xx

Monday, 21 November 2016

Planner Stamping - Alice in Wonderland

Planner Stamping - Alice in Wonderland


Planner Stamping - Jo Whight -Alice in Wonderland

This spread is the beginning of a series of `Alice in Wonderland` spreads and the second spread as I get used to a new layout.  This one starts with the white rabbit who is very late for a very important date.  


The digital stamps for this spread are part of the `Winnie in Wonderland` series from Polkadoodles.  I have used blue as the main colour for this spread using Studio L2E stamps to add boxes.  The boxes are to add a little structure to the layout as it is a little to loose in structure at the present time.  However, it does give a great deal of  flexibility for decorating and scope for lettering.

I have not added dates or months to the basic spreads but have used Lawn Fawn plan on it - calendar stamps for the dates, and the Studio L2E tall and skinny alphas to add the month on the right hand side.

At the moment I am struggling with the use of Washi as I worry that it could easily dominate the spreads.  The blue here co-ordinates with the rabbit and and I have used it have instead of some wonderland inspired Washi that is just too red and black for this spread..


The rabbit himself along with the cups have been coloured up using my brand spanking new prismacolor pencil set that was a bargain from Amazon.  I have to say though, that whilst the pencils are super soft and full of pigment the colouring up seems to take forever.  I am not sure if that is because I have not used pencils in a long time....Somehow think I will be back to markers next week even though the pencils are more convenient for planning on the go.


Alice herself features in this the second spread. Again the digital stamp is from the `Winnie in Wonderland` set from Polkadoodles.  She has been coloured up with alcohol markers instead of the pencils....using these is soooo much quicker than using the pencils although I do think the pencils are more forgiving.

Can you see my super new `Starbucks` planner clip?  I got this one in the UK from Megan & Carley at Plannerplumpfairies   I am really loving this clip as it fits the page so well.  In the past I have had clips that are a little off balance and sit above the page.  The sort of clip that falls off in your bag...this one doesn`t and I certainly will have to have some more.


 Sweet Stamp Shop functional stamps feature in this spread.  I am loving my new TV stamp set that I got from a fellow UK enthusiast which reminds me of specific programmes I want to watch or record.  I am a great fan of The Black List on a Friday night...those people really are the masters of the cliff hanger.


I have also used Technique Tuesday stamps which are easily available in the UK and some of my wonderful stamps from Rowena at Tiny Stamps Big Plans, and yes they are certainly tiny!!!

**TIP - If you drop planner stamps on to a carpeted surface and can`t find them, use a lint roller to try and pick them up.  This works really well in my craft room.

The `My List` stamp from Technique Tuesday seems to work really well in these spreads.  I used to find it overpowering in my IWP horizontal but it works exceptionally well here and doesn`t seem to dominate the spread.  However, that may be because I chose a softer shade of blue to work with.

Changing spreads is a real challenge as I have been working in my comfort zone for quite some time now.  It is fascinating to look back at my year of planning to see how the style is developing.  having seen the changes and the time it has taken to develop style I can see why planners can find it all very daunting and are often less than happy with their spreads.

It really is a case of persevering and finding what works best.

Hoping you are all having a fabulous week and wishing all my US chums a great Thanksgiving for Thursday.

Planner Stamping - A New Layout

Planner Stamping - A New Layout


Planner Stamping - Jo Whight - A New Layout

So, I have been AWOL for the last few weeks.  I have had some major stuff going on in my personal life and I have been getting to grips with a new layout.  In the New Year I may have to be making my own inserts unless I find something more suitable.


I designed these new inserts a few months ago, the layout is really flexible but I still haven`t worked out how to make it work for me as yet.  Please excuse the blurred out personal info.

If I show you the last three designs you will see how it is all coming together.


The `Rememberance` spread is the first and is always a special spread and, it is always a little different.  This time I have used a flower stamp from IndigoBlu.  It is supposed to be an anemone but I thought if coloured appropriately it would pass as a poppy with a little bit of patriotic Washi to finish the design.

Not my finest hour but next week is another week
Jo x

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Decorative Planner Stamping - The Wiz

Decorative Planner Stamping - The Wiz


Decorative Planner Stamping - Jo Whight - The Wiz

At pumpkins :)
Whilst I love Halloween and pumpkins they are wearing a bit thin after 6 weeks of pumpkin spreads.
This weeks spread features a stamp called `The Wiz` which is available either from Mo's digital pencil or in rubber form from Stampin` Bella.  I love this image so much I have both lol.

Well actually it was a bit cf an accident that I have both.  I bought the rubber version on Amazon and had it shipped from the US.  A few weeks later I found it was available as a digi image.  Digi images are so much more flexible than rubber stamps as they can be resized and some can be layered.  

I have done a little bit of colouring step by step for you.  Hopefully I will work out a video soon, as I have been getting some instruction from my friends 10 year old.  I am of the generation that thinks all IT should be supplied with a small child that knows how to operate it.

Anyway here goes

Colouring the Wiz

When he was finished he was put to one side

And then I started the spread proper

 Building up the colour...adding a bit of detail to the background.  Applying the wiz and adding my functional stamps.  I am on annual leave this week and so I have very little actually planned.  It is going to be a play it by ear week.



I am still toying with what I will do next year.  A very kind lady in the US has said that she will send me some IWP inserts and I am hoping that all works out.  A big part of me is toying with the idea of a   Planner BuJo hybrid.  I have no idea how it would work but would be more of a continuation of what I have now but taking out the printing.  Hmmmm things to think about

have a great week people  Jo x

Monday, 24 October 2016

Decorative Planner Stamping - Witches Brew

Decorative Planner Stamping - Witches Brew


Planner Stamping - Jo Whight - Witches Brew

So, I guess I owe you guys a bit of an apology.  I was going to do a step by step this week but am still working on it.  Taking pictures every few minutes is a real pain when you are in the middle of being creative.  I do have the main image coloured up but it is not as Halloweeny as I would like.  So I am going to save it for next week...However, I may well give you a sneak preview at the end.

This week I have used one of Sherri Baldy`s `Besties`.  I can`t remember what this one was called but it came up under a search for Halloween.  This lady has sooo many digital images available for colouring up.  To be honest I have not found them easy in the past but this one seems to have worked well.  Look, a pumpkin!  This is the 6th week featuring pumpkins lol and the 4th with a Halloween theme.  I think I need a change of direction.

I have utilised the copic and flex marker alcohol pens again...I just love the colour of the brew that is bubbling away.  This combination came from another Halloween image I have been in the throws of colouring for the last year.  One day you might get to see that too.

This week I placed an order for Prismacolor pencils on Amazon...They have been my bargain of the week as I paid (nearly slipped and put a price in there) not a lot for 132 pencils.  You can just see my first use of them in the page flags.  Have to say they are fabulous pencils, really soft and creamy and best of all they really lay down the colour.

So in the planner I have just started a project ideas section so that I can write ideas down when I think of them. Usually I have wonderful ideas but when time is available the ideas have all they are getting their own place.
When Rowena at Tiny Stamps Big Plans (TSBP) does another custom words order I will have to order something especially for this.  If you are interested in these have a look at the Tiny Stamps Big Plans facebook page.

Have you all sorted out next years planner?  I need to get mine sorted as I am leaving it a bit late.  I quite fancy a change of layout but will have to see how it goes.  It would be nice to have different layouts for different months just to keep me on my toes but I have to say I feel a Bujo coming on.  I even printed off some squared paper, but that is as far as it got lol

Functional stamps this week are from TSBP, Sweet Stamp Shop, and Studio L2E...

and here is my cat helping with photography...I have been a bit disappointed with blurry photos lately, which is why i have been playing with different set ups but i have just learnt the problem lies within the blog settings.  Hopefully they are more clear this week.

hope you all have a great week..Jo x